Criteria for Funding

Please include the following criteria in your request and any other pertinent information that may assist the Kinette Club of Edmonton in considering your charity:

Type of Request:

Volunteer (Service Work)
Number of volunteers needed
Time Commitment
Job Description/Duties
If any marketing /promotion opportunities (At event or ?)

Monetary or Goods in Kind Donation
Dollar amount and/or Goods Needed
How monies or goods will be disbursed (Purpose of money/goods)
Date required
Expected completion date
Marketing / Promotion opportunities

The deadline for submitting requests is May 15th of each year. Please have your request sent to Kinette Club of Edmonton at Box 107, 9100 Walterdale Hill, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2V3 or email:

Successful requests will be notified by the end of the October following the letter submission.